​​Aspire has found that 51% of candidate respondents said they would move jobs by the end of the year. Contrastingly, only 6% said they were happy to stay with their company for the next 4-5 years. Therefore, the ideology that previous generations had of a ‘job-for-life’ no longer exists.

Recent research shows that employers will have to work hard in order to engage their workers in a full employment economy. Practically anyone employed in the Digital, Media and Marketing Communications sectors can move job tomorrow. After all, the skills that dominate these disciplines are more in demand than ever in our increasingly digital world.

Therefore, having a clear strategy to retain employees is vital, in order to avoid increased staff turnover and recruitment costs. Here at Aspire, we wanted to find out how companies can achieve this in 2020. We conducted a series of surveys, sent out to our UK clients and candidates in the Marketing, Media, Digital, Sales and Technology fields, in order to understand what companies are currently doing to encourage productivity, and what employees wish was done instead.  

You can read the full UK report here, which includes practical advice on how to prevent an employee exodus. We are also holding a free event in London this coming January, which will feature talks by experts in the HR and Marketing fields on precisely this topic. Click here to find out more about this.

What is your company currently doing to retain your star employees?

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