​​Picture the scene; you’ve registered with a recruitment agency and your consultant has sent you a page full of opportunities. Consultants are brilliant at finding jobs suitable for your experience, and what you’re looking for, so they may encourage you to look at particular roles.

While you’re considering whether to be put forward for a job role, you realize that you’re not sure about the company. You might not have heard of them, or they might not be the type of company you would usually approach. So, what do you do?

Making the decision to join a new company is almost as important as choosing a partner. To help you make the decision, try asking these questions via your recruiter…

How have they adapted since Covid-19?

This is a big one. Every business has been impacted by the pandemic, but how they’ve adapted can represent the type of company they are. Finding out how they’ve made changes to safeguard their business in one of the most unpredictable times for businesses, says a lot about them.

What is their company culture in relation to work/life balance like?

Working from home has meant that it has become easier to overwork, blurring the lines between when you stop working because you don’t have to commute. Find out what your potential employer thinks about this, and whether they arrange social events for some downtime and bonding among employees.

What are their working hours, and do they offer flexibility?

The concept of flexible working is constantly changing, and how businesses are working is too. Ensure you think about what type of work is right for you and your lifestyle. For example; you could ask how considerate they are about employees who have children and may need to adjust their hours to cover the school run.

How often do they have progression reviews?

Salary and progression have always been a big influence on people changing jobs. By finding out how they manage pay reviews, and personal development plans, you’ll be able to foresee how much they invest into their people. After all, you’ll want to know that they see value in promoting their employees.

What extra benefits do they provide that might be helpful?

Remember that benefits are there to support employees. Certain benefits may be really beneficial for you. Does your potential new employer offer things that could help you feel relaxed yet motivated at work?

Do they give back to charity or consider doing their bit for the environment?

Businesses that care about the world and giving back might really appeal to your values. So, find out whether your employer takes part in environmental projects, charitable fundraising, or perhaps feeding the homeless to help others or reduce our carbon footprint. These companies go the extra mile.

How do they support their employees?

Work can get stressful and sometimes home life doesn’t make it easier. If you work in an agency, you might feel even more pressured to do well by your employer and your client. We know stress isn’t fun, so asking about how the company supports its employees is a great question. It’s also great to ask if they ever act on feedback too.

Do they have a diversity and inclusion policy?

All people have the right to be treated equally at work. However, we’re not all the same. Asking about this can ensure your potential employer promotes a working environment that is diverse and inclusive by giving everyone the same opportunities despite their characteristics, respecting their employees’ beliefs and values, or doing more to support mental health or disabilities.

It means a lot to us that you’re happy with your next employer. So we’re just as keen to help you understand if the company we’re putting you forward for is brilliant at supporting you. Asking these questions can help you consider just that.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling anxious about moving jobs. If there’s anything we can discuss to help you decide what’s best, we’re all ears and happy to help.

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