2022 marked a significant milestone for the Middle East when it comes to major international events. Qatar became the first nation in the region to host the FIFA World Cup. Regardless of international feeling pre-kick off the tournament places Qatar in a unique place going forward and entirely changes its appeal to global organizations considering where to host their events in 2023 and beyond with this small country now in the position to establish itself as a major player.

The tournament required the construction of new stadiums, hotels, and transportation systems, which not only served the needs of that tournament but also provide a lasting legacy for the country. This infrastructure development is now in place and will allow for both large and smaller-scale events to take place in the country. This is often one of the hardest steps to establish for countries who are trying to break into this area with the major European capitals and large US cities utilizing their long-standing developments in this area to be front of mind when organizers are considering where to hold their marquee events. Qatar now has this and has therefore opened up an opportunity.

Another impact of the World Cup is it helped the country's efforts to promote itself as a tourist destination. It showcased Qatar’s unique culture and history to a global audience. This could lead to an increase in tourism to the country, which would benefit the local economy. Additionally, the tournament will likely lead to the development of new tourism offerings, such as World Cup-themed tours and experiences. This increases the level of attraction of the country meaning there are additional things to entertain delegates.

For the last decade, the United Arab Emirates, and more specifically Dubai has been a premier destination for international events, not just rivaling its neighboring countries but the established global hubs for events such as London, New York, and Paris. The World Cup in Qatar and its legacy makes the UAE’s ‘next-door neighbor’ direct competition for the same events that they would be looking to hold. Doha still lacks all the attractions that Dubai has but this injection of infrastructure means that over the next decade, we could see a significant shift in the global events industry. Dubai has a long-standing reputation now and did not need the attention boost of the World Cup but there is no doubt that there will have been some jealousy due to the focus on Qatar and the subsequent positive impact that is sure to have.

In conclusion, the World Cup in Qatar represents a major opportunity for the country to establish itself as a premier destination for international events and conferences. Companies may want to host events such as trade shows, conferences, product launches, and corporate retreats in places in Doha instead of its neighboring countries. Additionally, Qatar may now become a popular destination for hosting sporting events, following the success of last year’s World Cup as well as cultural festivals, awards ceremonies, and networking events. Due to the country's modern infrastructure and business-friendly environment, this global event has made Qatar become an attractive location for companies looking to host events in the Middle East.

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