​This year I have taken two hangover days when I've been out with my friends, and I've taken three from when I've been out on work nights.

In the era of corporate responsibility and wellbeing, this so-called trend of 'hangover days' is clearly ridiculous. Apart from anything else, short notice leave has been around for decades and is called 'duvet days'. But they come with responsibilities ensuring that you are not letting your colleagues or customers down. Most businesses already offer flexible working to assist those who have a heavy night. But to offer something that is specifically with regards to alcohol abuse, is extraordinary.

Is a potential employee really attracted to a role because they can get so drunk that they will have a hangover and be unable to work so can call a 'hangover day'?

There are many things that people consider in taking a new role. The job itself, the company, the working environment, the culture, the manager, the team, the career prospects, the training and development on offer, the location and let's not forget the money. If someone was that shallow that a 'hangover day' was the reason to join, then you have a pretty odd motive for staff. Duvet Days, Sabbaticals, Private Health, Enhanced Pensions, Enhanced Parental Leave, Free Breakfast, Free Fruit, Well-being policies with independent counsellors to speak to, and regular socials, are all offered at Aspire. We also expect people to be accountable for themselves, but if they need a holiday at short notice, it's available in a responsible way. 

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