​​Slow-but-stable wage growth and low inflation have enabled the Bank of England to remain on the side-lines, and that’s unlikely to change until well into 2020. The announcement of the new governor of the Bank of England is expected imminently, but the story is the government. While the strategic direction of the Monetary Policy Committee is unlikely to change under a new lead, it is the government reshuffle in the New Year that will set the tone of Brexit negotiations. While the Bank is forecasting a significant rebound in investment spending, boosting UK GDP

The Bank of England has held interest rates at their current, very low, level as the pound continues to rally +6% on the year and is starting to make up some ground on the deep fall after EU Referendum results in 2016.

Whatever your politics, high employment, steady wage growth, low inflation and low-interest rates are a great platform to see gradual improvement. Add to that the investment spending that is forecast to flow, now that politics has become decisive, and it looks like very good news for those seeking to improve their careers in 2020.

The digital media and marketing communications sector still suffers a chronic undersupply of talent so employers will have to work even harder to keep their employees.

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