​​We have interviewed seven of Aspire's extraordinary women who share their personal experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs as they have become the role models they are today.

By giving us their best advice on how to approach a leadership role, things to consider when managing others, and other golden nuggets of advice, we want to help you feel empowered to aim high, and just go for it.

Why is Aspire supporting Women in Leadership?

​These personal, informational accounts will be designed to advise other women who aspire to be on similar paths. The individual interviews will be published in small booklets that people can download from our website. Each week, beginning with International Women's Day on 8th March, we will release another interview, showing our support and raising awareness for IWD for a total of seven weeks.

​Week 1:

​Meet our Managing Director of Singapore, Alycia Brady

Alycia has nine years of experience in recruitment. Her career progressed from starting in recruitment shortly after graduating, into a manager role, and now she's running our recruitment office in Singapore. She has plenty of advice to give including her unique challenges as a manager and juggling to raise a family as well as being in a leadership role. Take a look at her interview below.

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