​​Writing down your goals makes you significantly more likely to achieve them and I firmly believe that what gets measured, gets done.

I woke up this morning feeling completely unprepared for the day ahead. First day back in the office after the Christmas break and I'd completely ignored all of the articles I've read over the past week telling me to get enough sleep, have a healthy breakfast (or at least something for breakfast), make sure everything was laid out ready for the day at work and don't snooze the alarm! Nope, not me!

After staying up 'til gone midnight for New Years Eve, napping throughout the day on New Years Day, I got to sleep in the mid-AM's this morning and woke up groggy. Snoozing my alarm, running late and having to skip breakfast there's no surprise I've been struggling today. However, after reading the below article and realising the difficulty I've faced today has been of my own making, I'd really like to start off the New Year on a more positive, forward thinking and entrepreneurial note. 

One goal every morning doesn't seem like a massive feat, yet by the end of this year that's minimum 365 achievements, which seems pretty good to me. Today my goal is to get home and NOT nap as soon as I walk through the door. Tomorrow maybe I'll make it to catch up with all my lovely candidates in depth. Or maybe it'll be to actually eat breakfast. Either way, I want to achieve something every day this year, and I think a change in my morning routine may help this along.  

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