​​​You’ve done the quiet quitting thing and now you’re pondering doing it at a greater volume.

But are you really ready to ditch coasting and actually search for a new job?

It feels scary, we know. After all, a recession is looming and the cost of living crisis is in full swing – now might not seem like the best time to take risks.

But Paul Farrer, the founder and chairman of global recruitment agency Aspire, reckons the time to start your hunt is… right now.

He explains why ahead.

Now’s the time to beat the January rush

‘It’s no secret that January is one of the busiest times in recruitment, with many people looking to switch jobs in the new year,’ Paul tells Metro.co.uk. ‘This means more competition for the same job.

‘However, if you start your search now – before the rush – you improve your odds of landing the job you really want.’

There are a load of job vacancies

Take a peek over on LinkedIn and Indeed and you’ll find a load more job listings than you might expect.

Right now it’s a real jobseeker’s market – make the most of it.

‘With a record 1.3m job vacancies or so in the UK, there are more jobs available than ever,’ says Paul. ‘The unprecedented demand for skills has made it a candidate-led market and one which those looking for a new role can capitalise on.

‘Put simply, there is more choice than there ever has been.’

You can make the most of ‘time to hire’

Paul tells us: ‘The huge demand for skills across the board means employers are making faster hiring decisions. In other words, the time it takes to hire is reducing.

‘Now, this isn’t to say employers are making hasty hiring decisions. They’re streamlining the process to increase their chances of hiring the talent they need. This also plays into the hands of candidates.’

You could earn more by switching jobs now

‘In a number of the sectors Aspire operates in, starting salaries have increased by as much as one third in the space of just 12 months, as employers compete with one another and offer more money to plug skills gaps,’ says Paul. ‘So whether you work in marketing, media, sales, events or technology, the opportunity to earn considerably more by moving job is worth taking seriously.’

You could land a job you love

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is always going to feel, well, uncomfortable.

Looking for something new and then actually making that leap out of your current job can feel daunting, like the risk is just too high.

But think of the potential rewards: by opening your mind to new opportunities, you could find a role that brings you real joy.

Don’t let the fear that things could go wrong keep you stuck in a place where you’re not happy.

‘Many economists are forecasting a recession, so you may feel that it’s safer to sit tight and remain in your current role,’ says Paul. ‘Understandably, some people a nervous about switching jobs in the event of a downturn only for their new employer to make cuts – a last in first out mentality.

‘But I look at this differently. In reality, most employers will do everything they can to hold onto great people regardless of when they join.’

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