​​To say the last two years have been turbulent for the US research market when it comes to hiring is an understatement. We have fluctuated from candidate rich to candidate short, from clients picking safe salaries to massive inflation of salaries. All of these factors remind you that recruitment, like so many other business processes, is all about timing the market.

Here as we look towards the end of 2022 and forward to 2023 clients have a great opportunity that they have not over the past two years. With knowledge of how the market has been fluctuating they find themselves with a really strong volume of available candidates and a knowledge that if they look to hire, they can cherry pick the best candidates in their field.

Clients should take the opportunity now to hire for the new year. The more jobs released to recruiters and interviews booked in during quarter four the better prepared they will be when the calendar turns to 2023. Even if you currently feel that you do not have the need now but know that come January you will want an influx of new starters you should start your hiring process now to be ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

What will hold clients back from securing the best talent? Put simply, it is time to hire. This is not finding the relevant candidates or being sent them by your recruitment partner. It is the length of time that candidates are at interview stage. Some clients are adding fourth or even fifth stages to their interview process, it can take some companies up to 28 days in order to complete their interview process. If a company has a process like this, and we take the meantime to hire, research companies ‘new year’ starters may not be confirmed until February and those working notices may not have their first day until March.

After the pandemic, candidates could find remote roles in any location. This coupled with the popularization of zoom and virtual onboarding those streamlined companies designed to move fast are hiring the best talent in their field. So, if you take too long interviewing you will miss out on top-tier candidates.

That said, you do not need to meet once and decide. You can still have multiple phases to your interview process but work with your recruitment partner to block out your diary and condense the process into a week to 10 days. Doing this enhances the quality of your talent pool and enables you to make the right hire, fast.

Avoid the January blues by streamlining your hiring process and finding the top talent today.

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