​UK – Various research trackers and studies have been launched over the past few weeks as research organisations seek to understand consumer attitudes and behaviour during the Covid-19 outbreak.

​In these challenging times, the research industry seeks to understand how consumers feel and are reacting to our new way of living.  

It's a really important time for brands to understand how to engage with people, in an increasingly digital world.  

Top Research agencies are surveying a range of aspects from mood changes, to shopping habits, and even, the fear of catching the virus.

Because we are all in the same boat, it will be interesting to see responses when we're all so keen to understand the impact of this 'new norm.' As a Business Director for recruitment in Research, Data & Insight, Marketing & Tech, I can already see trends emerging and behaviours changing.

Thankfully, it isn't all bad news for recruitment as we see some sectors such as digital marketing soar. Whether you're an employer or an employee, and you would like to keep in touch on how your sector is changing, email me at amyk@weareaspire.com.

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