​All success is temporary. All failure is temporary. Work hard and build relationships.

Henry Ford said, 'Worry kills more people than work. That's because more people worry about work than actually putting in the work. You can't control the news, the Pandemic or economy. But you can return to basics. You can create opportunities by outselling and outworking the competition. The economy isn't growing as fast, but people are still buying and selling.

It's important to control what you can in selling so consider these five factors to help you in today’s market.

1: How Many Times You Dial the Phone?

You cannot control who is in when you make a sales call, but you can control the message you leave. Make it short, client-focused and full of valuable information that piques interest. Don't just request a call back, say you will call back to follow up. You can use the ratio of dials made to meetings booked to secure enough meetings for success.

2: The Quality of Your Calls

There are two kinds of calls, ones that are boring with no passion and client-focused calls which are exciting. You can't bore people into buying, especially during the slowdown. Focus on customers' problems and solutions to close more sales.

3: Does the Client Focus on the Present or Future?

Sales trainer Larry Wilson said 90 percent of life's excitement is in the future. Most problems are today problems. Help clients envision more profits from your service, not just now but in the future.

That's what selling is all about.

4: Positive Mindset

Motivational tapes and music create a better mood. Don't avoid all news, but find positive things to fill your brain. There are always positives, but we have to look for them and then use them to power us!

5: Be Consultants

Some customers make the slowdown a reason not to buy. They need professional salespeople's consulting them to do what's right for their business based on what they see in the market.

Focus on solution's and benefits. People who want to wait and see, could miss out on the best candidates. So, we’ll tell them with historical certainty, that markets go up and come down again but being ready for the up is super important.

Great salespeople thrive in slowdowns and recessions. They help their customers solve problems and plenty of clients have problems and the money to solve them. It's a wonderful opportunity to develop new sales skills and profitable relationships.