​Fifty of the biggest UK employers questioned by BBC have said they have no plans to return all staff to the office full-time in the near future - BBC

It's not helpful when Facebook says they will not reopen their offices until July 2021. Average salaries at Facebook will be over £50k and their employees will have home environment and the tech support to work from home comfortably.

Our recent Workplace Trends Report showed that 1 in 5 workers found it difficult to work from home and a third didn't find it easy.

Offices provide human interaction and ease of collaboration and teamwork so facilitating that working environment in some way is essential.

The report also shows that 87% want to continue working from home varying amounts a week.

No doubt that the office environment is changing for good, but also, judging from how everyone greeted each other today (socially distanced of course) that physical human interaction is essential in the workplace.

You can read the original article here - BBC