​​It's November, and this means two things: 1) we are officially allowed to start prepping for Christmas 2) we have less than two months left of the year.

​So, as the final countdown begins what does this mean for recruitment? Many companies have started their business plans for next year, and of course, for many that includes plans for expansion and growth. And with growth comes recruitment!

​Now, if you're looking to start your year with a bang and really start the year right, there's a crucial part of the whole recruitment process you need to remember –NOTICE PERIODS!

​If we assume that the recruitment process takes approximately 3 weeks from start to finish – including taking a brief, sourcing and sending CVs, arranging interviews, taking feedback and finally putting an offer to the successful candidate which is gratefully accepted. If we were to start this process today, and we assume it runs smoothly with no hiccups, it would be the end of the month by the time we have an offer out. Now we wait for the candidate to hand their notice in and confirm when they will be able to start their next role. This can take roughly 24-48 hours to get this confirmed sometimes due to a variety of internal hoops candidates have to jump through to hand their notice in. If we calculate a 1 month notice period (industry average) that means that their first day available in the office would be smack in the middle of the Christmas break. Highly unlikely. Therefore, realistically, your lovely new candidate will be starting with you in January.

​Now, if this isn’t enough to convince you that today is the day to start recruiting, here’s a couple of other key points!

​You don’t pay anything until they start – so the fee for any hire made now will come out of your next budget! No need to panic about having run out of recruitment budget.

  • Candidates are looking now. Candidates are just as keen to start the new year with a new and exciting company, as much as you are to have them!

  • You can start the new year one step ahead of your competitors, with a fully complimented team ready to hit the ground running!

​So, if you want to be ahead of the curve – get in touch now!