​​Purpose has been shown to grow and transform companies, yet that potential is wildly underleveraged. How do we understand the current state of play?

It wasn't long ago that employers were worried about their brand appealing to the millennial generation. Did their corporate values align? Was their purpose valid?

These thoughts were probably in response to some research claiming that young people were choosing an employer based on their values. In reality, it was probably a survey that framed the question to incite such an answer. People move jobs so frequently that it is clear that values and purpose mean little to most people.

Nothing has changed within our working world in this respect, and people consider a multitude of factors when moving job; each of these can change in level of importance depending on the candidates' personal considerations. From my experience running a global recruitment agency, what people consider are as follows: the content of the job, the company, the manager, the team, the working environment, the culture, the training, the career prospects, the location and of course, the money.

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