​​​More time spent online; a rise in usage of sites and apps for government, health and education, video calling, quality broadsheet news, family, entertainment, grocery, and retail. Significant declines in the usage of content for property, automotive, travel and dating among others.

These two disparate groups lead the increase in online usage since the lockdown spending on average 12% more time online. These figures are for March and reflect just one week in lockdown. Time spent online was already up 17 minutes a day, so it will be interesting to see April's figures with a whole month in lockdown.

Categories visited are unsurprising but again, it will be interesting to see the shift in April. Clear indicators for where marketers are spending or should be spending their budgets.

Those remaining employed have never saved so much, and many of those in furlough will have found themselves not as badly off as first feared as the opportunity to spend is unavailable in the normal way.

Yet, record numbers of people requiring food banks highlight the disparity.

Lockdown makes it much easier for marketers to target their consumer demographics and know that they will be increasingly online.

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