​Are you struggling to find and hire top marketing talent for your mid-level positions? Look no further! Our expert consultants can guide you through a foolproof recruitment plan that maximises the strengths of using a recruitment agency and ensures a smooth and robust hiring process.

  1. Initial Consultation:

Start by having a detailed discussion with your dedicated recruiter. Share your company culture, values, and specific job requirements. Make sure you have complete sign-off and budget approval from your organisation before proceeding.

  1. Job Description Refinement:

Work closely with your recruiter to craft a compelling job description that highlights the unique opportunities your company offers. Make it clear how this role contributes to your company's success.

  1. Candidate Search and Attraction:

Leverage our extensive network and resources to identify top marketing talent. We'll proactively reach out to potential candidates, present your job opportunity, and highlight the benefits of working with your company.

  1. Initial Screening:

Your recruiter will conduct initial screenings to ensure candidates meet your basic criteria. We'll assess their qualifications, experience, and cultural fit.

  1. Task Assignment:

To assess candidates' practical skills and creativity, introduce a task after the initial screening. For a mid-level marketing role, consider assigning a marketing campaign case study. This task should challenge their strategic thinking, creativity, and ability to execute a marketing plan within a specified budget and timeframe. ​

  1. First Interview:

Conduct a first-round interview to discuss the candidate's background, skills, and their approach to the task. This interview helps you gauge their fit for the role and organisation.

  1. Second Interview:

In the second round, involve key team members or department heads to assess the candidate's compatibility with your team and ensure a well-rounded evaluation.

  1. Decision-Making:

Efficiently communicate with your recruiter after each stage to discuss candidate feedback. Make timely decisions to avoid losing top talent to competitors. Keep candidates informed about their progress in the process.

  1. Offer Negotiation:

Once you've identified your ideal candidate, your recruiter will assist in the negotiation of salary, benefits, and other terms to ensure a mutually beneficial offer. Use our market-leading Salary Guide.

  1. Onboarding:

Don't overlook the importance of onboarding. Ensure your new marketing hire is welcomed, trained, and integrated into your team seamlessly. An effective onboarding process sets the tone for a successful tenure.

By following this recruitment plan, you'll harness the strengths of your recruiter and attract top marketing talent efficiently. Effective communication with your recruiter and candidates is key to a smooth process. Remember, making timely decisions is crucial in today's competitive job market. And don't forget the significance of a robust onboarding process in retaining your new marketing talent.

With Aspire by your side, you're on your way to building a dynamic marketing team that drives your business to new heights.

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