​​If you’re hiring and finding a role in events:

You’ll notice that there are more jobs but less candidates. Many experienced candidates have come out of the sector recently to try something new because of the uncertainty brought on by Covid-19. The good news is that some of our clients have gradually gone back to live events but are still predominantly going virtual, forecasting to get back to business as usual from next year. While there’s a lot of choice for candidates, most events companies are looking for candidates with knowledge and experience within conferences and round tables. Candidates with both live and virtual events experience are favored right now.

The events sector is often looking to hire:

More sales-related events roles such as delegate sales and sponsorship sales. Employers are getting the salespeople in so they can ramp up the ticket sales to ensure that each planned event is financially viable. Conference Production roles are also in demand because companies are especially interested in planning their conferences in ways that create and retain appetite. Events marketing roles are also increasing so that businesses can build a strategic plan to target specific audiences and adapt when necessary.

The perfect events candidate includes:
  1. Previous conference and/or exhibition experience.

  2. Specific experience in delegate sales, subscription, sponsorship, events, or management etc as relevant.

  3. Excellent communication skills, able to work with different stakeholders.

  4. Comfortable managing a team and making decisions.

  5. Industry-related experience.

  6. Flexibility with regards to working at home, in the office, or going to events.

  7. Project management skills, can juggle multiple tasks at one time.

  8. Event budgeting or understanding how to work to a budget.

  9. Customer service skills, working with a range of people internally and externally to ensure everything runs smoothly and ensure people are happy.

  10. Problem solving, able to think on their feet and adaptable to change.

Inexperienced events candidates can:

Any experience within a telesales environment can be advantageous. Get involved in projects to plan events with their current employer or for other organizations. Be open to applying for entry-level roles to gain experience which will later open doors. Network with events professionals, keeping your ear to the ground to understand the events industry. If you’re interested in a particular sector, ensure you do your research to increase your knowledge about current trends.

Events employers ought to consider:

Candidates are asking for more money and better benefits packages. Be more open to candidates with different backgrounds who have transferrable skills. There are candidates who would prefer to work completely remotely. Therefore, events employers could consider how they can offer more flexibility to create an attractive role. In turn, this will help increase the pool of candidates that they could hire from.

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