​I came across these rebounders, which are mini trampolines, and I said to my husband, 'I'm going to take £200 out of the joint account and buy eight of them,'" she says. "I think he thought I was mad. - BBC

​Kimberlee Perry, founder of trampoline fitness business, Bounce, is your classic entrepreneur with a difference.

She saw an opportunity, took a risk, and has now built a £3m turnover company. The difference is that her business continues to thrive in the Covid era as many other entrepreneurs suddenly find very choppy water.

In fact, our recent Post-Covid and the Workplace report found that 23% of businesses have seen revenue more than halve and only 17% have seen it rise.But that 17% is vital. It demonstrates growth and opportunity. There is a lot of negativity around unemployment yet we are seeing month on month growth heading back to 2019 levels. There are jobs out there, and many businesses are continuing with their plans, in particular, those in e-commerce, digital, tech and those that have been able to successfully pivot to adapt in a post-Covid world.

Look for the positives where you can and you can 'Bounce' back like Kimberlee.

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