​Nearly two in three adults are now traveling to work, as some employers ask their staff to return to offices during the pandemic.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that 62% of adults reported commuting to work last week. - BBC

Two-thirds of the UK workforce are returning to their workplace which means everything that supplies those workplaces will start to recover.

COVID-19 hangs around like a nasty niff but are we overreacting to something we all have a personal choice to manage?

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance is all that is required to stay safe. Whilst COVID is terrifying for the small percentage of the population that is vulnerable, it this there that our resources need to be aimed at and allow everyone else to try and return to a new normal.

If the economy fails, people lose jobs and the Government will be losing tax revenues. Unemployment is soul-destroying and we will build longer-term, more diverse health issues as a nation unless we bite the bullet and get back to work.

I appreciate that for those that have lost loved ones or are in fear of COVID this can sound heartless, but the alternative is, in my view, even worse. I also appreciate that those working on the frontline are also at risk.

And of course, there is the prospect of a No Deal Brexit adding to the nasty niff.

The Government needs to bite the bullet and now roll with the punches.

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