Post-Covid and the Workplace Report
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With so many people now out of work and looking for new jobs, and employers working their hardest to keep their business afloat, we analyse the results from our survey to employers and employees to see how they've been coping during lockdowns and to get closer to understanding what could now constitute as the 'new normal' for the workplace.

The fatal pandemic, Covid-19 forced the workplace to suddenly make changes over night. As a result, millions of people have had to adapt their lifestyle like never before.

Employers in every sector have had to make changes to their business in order to survive, and unfortunately, this included staff cuts as well as budget cuts.

​But it wasn't all negative. The changes some sectors were making meant they accessed new opportunities and increased revenue. A closer look into how these sectors have benefited, and the way in which employees would like the workplace to be more flexible, will help hiring managers and employees work together to feel safe and valued at work.

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