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The dynamics of the job market have changed immensely in the last decade; while companies want to secure the perfect candidates, who would serve as long-term assets to their company, the job-seekers want to land on an opportunity with benefits, flexibility and growth potential. Social media channels and job boards have led to a shift from the conventional job seeking methods with access to market for both sides, meaning both, recruiters and job seekers, aspire for nothing but perfection.

This detailed LinkedIn guide will provide an in depth step-by-step guide to helping you build a successful and unique profile.

"Whether you love it or hate it, social media is everywhere and is here to stay.

For people looking for work, LinkedIn as a social channel plays a vital part in the recruitment process. Most recruiters and employers will look at your social profile or LinkedIn profile before your interview or sometime during the process, hence having a well-structured profile can only for wonders for you as a candidate during the hiring process."

Paul Farrer, Founder at We Are Aspire

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